Worship Services

"If your heart is in the right place, it doesn't really matter how you worship, only THAT you worship."

The point is not how we express worship – there is no one flavor of music that is more correct to worship God with, over another. Style is not relevant, but biblical truth is extremely relevant.

Sunday Schedule

8:30 AM - Traditional  Service
         Chancel Choir
9:45 AM - Sunday School
         Elementary School
         Middle School
         High School
         and Adult Classes
11:00 AM - CAYA Service
         Praise Band
         Children's Moment
8:30 - 12 PM - Nursery available


Traditional Service

Come feel the comfort and love of the Lord during the 8:30 a.m. Traditional Service. We will sing traditional hymns, enjoy special songs Chancel Choir, lift each other up and support each other in prayer. Pastor Dominique will share scripture and a relevant sermon in this day and time we live in.

CAYA Service

Come as You Are! As the Christian band Crowder sings in “Come as You Are”..come out of sadness…come broken hearted… come find your mercy. Come lay down your burdens & lift up your face. Our 11:00 Service is an enthusiastic expression of our joy in the Lord and our need to lean on Him and each other so that we are not weighted down with the stress and strain of our weekly grind. Zoar’s Praise Band will lead the singing and offer special contemporary music. Pastor Dominique will share scripture and a sermon relevant to our lives in this busy, sometimes troubling world.

Holy Communion

holy_communion_by_cgitechServed the first Sunday of each month. 

Holy Communion (the Lord’s Supper or Eucharist) is a meal of bread and cup Christians share, a reminder that Christ gave up his body and shed his blood to show us the way to freedom and eternal life. The meal sustains us as we try to live as faithful followers of Jesus Christ and celebrates our life together as the living body of Christ in the world.

Who can participate?

All who believe in Jesus Christ and seek to be like him are welcome to take Communion. You do not have to be a baptized Christian, United Methodist, or a member of Zoar UMC to participate. Children of all ages are welcomed.

How is Holy Communion served?

At the CAYA service, Communion is offered by a method called “intinction.” Ushers guide you to stations where one person holds bread and another holds a cup of juice. As you approach, simply hold both hands open, and you will be given a small piece of bread. Dip the bread into the cup and eat. Then, you may move to the altar to pray or return to your pew. Typically, we offer gluten free bread and grape juice as Communion elements.